Call for study participation: a study on the use of Delicious
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2008-11-23 23:55:42 UTC
My name is Heejin Park. I am a PhD student at the School of Library,
Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia.
I am conducting a study to fulfill the research component of my
degree, and I am sending this note to ask for volunteers. In my
research, I am interested in the use of Delicious and looking for
participants who will share their experiences with the system.

The purpose of this study is to explore how you use Delicious in
order to access, share, and navigate Web information.
If you agree to participate in this study, I will ask you to complete
a Web questionnaire and to keep an electronic diary which records
your use of Delicious. The Web questionnaire and diary process will
take approximately two to three hours of your time over a one to two
week period.

Participation in this research is voluntary, and participants are
ensured confidentiality.
The completed questionnaire will be accessible only to the researcher
named below, and will be kept in strict confidence.
The Delicious user name on the questionnaire is for data management
purposes only. As soon as the responses are coded, information
linking data to respondent will be destroyed.

Please consider participating.
To show our appreciation for your participation in this study, you
will receive an honorarium in the amount of $20 in the form of an
Amazon.com gift card.
If you would like to participate, to support the research or because
you would like to help out a colleague, please respond to this email
address [***@interchange.ubc.ca].
If you do not wish to participate, but can recommend someone who can
participate, please forward this message to that person.

If you decide to participate, I will email information that includes
a link to the questionnaire and a form of the electronic diaries, and
my contact information.
Please note that I have listed my e-mail account below. Do not
hesitate to ask any questions about the study.

Thank you very much.

Heejin Park

Principal Investigators
Edie Rasmussen, Professor
School of Library, Archival and Information Studies
University of British Columbia;

Joseph Tennis, Assistant Professor
The Information School of the University of Washington