internet explorer ie add-on v1.01b236 broken and poorly behaved
(too old to reply)
Matt Swift
2008-07-09 13:32:31 UTC
start with "broken":

1) whenever I tag a page using the add-on, the page is tagged with 2
or 4 *additional* apparently random tags from my tagset. For
example, I just tagged a page with "birding" and "technology" and the
bookmark shows up on my delicious web page with the tags "English-
profession francine imported organizations birding technology". The
first four tags are in my tagset, but spurious on this bookmark. (I
counted the additional tags in sample set of just four pages, but
I've noticed extra tags on dozens of pages using the add-on on
several different WinXP machines, IE version 7.0.5730.11, I just
didn't count them.) Please let me know what additional system
information may be helpful.

Would you please post the old IE extension until this issue is
resolved? It does not appear to be available for download any more.

2) the performance hit makes IE nearly unusable. In particular, it
takes a long time to open a new blank tab. I have about 6000
bookmarks (I wanted to test if performance was better with fewer, but
there's no way to delete or export multiple (but not all) bookmarks
except one by one.)

on to "poorly behaved" -- the first three have to do with versioning:

1) the web page at http://del.icio.us/help/ie/extensionnew says
you're downloading v1.0 but it's 1.01b236
2) the filename of the downloaded executable does not have a version
string in it, nor is one available with right-click -- just the date
of the digital signature
3) one cannot tell from the "add or remove programs" list what
version is installed (it should either be in the program name, or
else behind a "click here for support information" link)

4) Installing the add-on doesn't do anything about an existing
installation of the previous IE extension called something
like "Delicious Buttons". Installation should remove, or at least
prompt for removal, of the redundant earlier application.