How can I import Furl bookmarks with the keywords becoming tags in del.icio.us?
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2008-07-20 09:36:11 UTC

I would like to import my Furl bookmarks into del.icio.us. I used the
keywords field in Furl for extensively tagging my bookmarks and, of
course, I would now like to get these transferred to del.icio.us as
well. The only export format that really exports all information
including the keywords and not just the topics field for example is
the Furl XML format.
Is there any way how I can import this into del.icio.us?

I found the following pages describing ways to do what I want but
there were problems with them:

a) http://www.jarche.com/2006/12/moving-from-furl-to-delicious/
Maybe this used to work but now I only get the topics exported when I
select the export option "Browser bookmark: For import to most
browsers (Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.)", not the

b) http://web.archive.org/web/20060603082132/http://nerdierthanthou.
The tool called furl2delicious downloadable from this site is always
corrupt after downloading, so I couldn't install and test it.