Please help with Import problem: what should the bookmark HTML look like?
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2008-10-18 23:12:47 UTC
I'm having difficulty importing a Firefox bookmark file (generated by

I have 8000+ bookmarks in the file. They import into Delicious, but
the tags have been messed up (connected with underscores), probably
due to bad markup in the bookmark file.

A bookmark with the following tags...
* mac
* printer
* printing
* sharing
* windows

...gets imported with tags like this:
* imported
* (unnamed)
* mac_printer_printing_sharing_windows
* shortcut:mac_printer_printing_sharing_windows

I think I may be able to fix the bookmark file manually, if someone
can provide me with an example of the correct markup. (I already
emailed Customer Care over a week ago with this simple request, but
got a useless form response "We have escalated this to our Engineering
Department and hope that it will be resolved soon.")

In the file exported by Netvouz.com, a typical bookmark looks like this:

<DT><A HREF="http://www.ifelix.co.uk/tech/3015.html"
ADD_DATE="1223046456" LAST_VISIT="1223046456"
LAST_MODIFIED="1223046456" TAGS="mac printer printing sharing windows"
SHORTCUTURL="mac printer printing sharing windows">Printing to a
printer on a Windows XP PC from a Mac running 10.4.x</A>
<DD>This guide will show you how to print from a Mac running 10.4.x to
a printer attached to a Windows XP PC. In this guide I am using an HP
PhotoSmart P1000 printer on a XP PC and printing from a Mac running 10.4.x

What should it look like?